Q: What is MUN?

A: The purpose(s) of this organization shall be: to educate students regarding international policy, international relations, and international politics by learning the history, structure, and function of the United Nations; and to contribute to the academic, professional, and personal improvement of all students interested in Model United Nations

Q: What conferences do we attend?

A: Every quarter we have at least 2 local conferences - which are great to understand the rules- hosted by us, RCC, and CSU Long Beach for example. Additionally, we attend national conferences such as NMUN New York.

Q: What are some of our largest conferences?

A: There are two large conferences: DC, and New York (the largest of the two). These conferences range from approximately 500 people attending to 5,000 people. The first two are in Fall and NY is during Spring Quarter.

Q: Can I join the team to attend the New York Conference in April?

A: Yes, the club is currently working on logistics for the club and we will notify everyone as soon as details are finalized.

Q: How do I contact the club?

A: Via this email!